GREEN KNIFE with 20 Deep Hook German Blades with FAST FREE SHIPPING
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GREEN KNIFE with 20 Deep Hook German Blades with FAST FREE SHIPPING

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The Green Knife is the preferred roofers’ knife. The Green Knife is a large framed knife that pivots open to change the blade. The heavy duty construction makes it perfect for cutting roofing materials, sheet goods, carpeting and other tough materials. The length and unique shape provide the user with more leverage and less scraping of the knuckles.

· No tools required for blade change · 20 German blades in convenient dispenser & Holster included · Shape designed for non-slip grip

DEEP HOOK BLADES - (see Blades, item B200) Our Deep Hook Blades are the superior blade in the industry. They are made in Solingen Germany by the patented ‘Friodure Ice-Hardening’ process. The steel is heated to over 1000 C, then cooled to -70 C rendering the blades with razor sharpness, high edge retention and corrosion resistance.

· Blades last 50% longer · Deep Hook allows for excellent cuts, even in difficult materials · 1 box contains 5 cartridges/20 Blades each for a total of 100 blades

The vast majority of roofers’, carpet installers, and many other professionals that have used the knife, prefer it over any other utility knife they’ve used. While it is more expensive than an average knife, the cost is heavily outweighed by the benefits. Durability, efficiency, ergonomics, convenience all add up to making life a little easier for the user.

Product Includes: 1 Green Knife with 20 German Deep Hook Blades and a carrying Holster.

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