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Leister Triac ST 141.228 Plastic Welder With 20MM Nozzle, Seam Roller & Carrying Case + FREE SHIPPING

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  • Industry standard hand held hot air tool
  • Adjustable hot air from 100F-1290F / 40C to 700C
  • Powerful, small and light weight, Ergonomic Handle
  • 100% Swiss Made Quality
  • Includes Carrying Case and 20mm Nozzle & 40mm Seam Roller

The Triac ST is the 7th generation hand tool manufactured by Leister. Its dependability and versatility make it the tool professionals ask for; Leister is the industry leader for a good reason, reliability and versatility. You might call it a gun, dryer, heater, hot air tool, or simply a welder; but make no mistake, the Triac ST is the tool you want and the tool you need. TRIAC ST: Weld thermoplastics, and individual thermoplastic elastomer and bitumen plates, pipes, profiles, sealing layers, coated fabrics, foils, foams, tiles and layers Heat thermoplastic components for forming, bending and coupling Dry moist surfaces Shrink heat-shrinkable sleeves, hoses, connectors and packaging for electrical components Solder copper tubing, solder connectors and metal foils Defrost frozen water lines Activate/dissolve solvent-free and hot-melt adhesives Ignite wood chips, paper, coal or straw in furnaces.


World's leading self-contained Leister hot air welder. Produces hot air adjustable from 100F (40C) to 1290F (700C). Adjustable temperature scale allows for proper selection of temperature to fit your application. Air flow adjusts up to 8.48 cfm / 240 liters/minute. Variety of accessories available for many applications.


* Roofing membrane welding * Flooring materials welding * Shrink Tubes, Electrical Interconnection Devices * Heat Shrinkable molded parts * Soldering * Heat sealing of single-ply flexible plastics, lining membranes, coated materials, films, foams and sheets.

* Overlap welding, welding with rod and tape, butt welding and melt welding.


* Voltage: 120 * Power consumption: 1600W * Frequency: 60 Hz. * Temp: Infinitely adjustable temperature ranges from 100 - 1200 °F * Airflow: l/min. max. 230 * Pressure: stat. Pa ca. 3000 (30 mbar), after ca. 24 h operating time * Emission level: LpA (dB) 67 * Size: 13.2" x 3.5" x 2.2" * Weight: 2.18 lb with 3 meter cord

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