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5"W x 1000'L roll with 12 rolls and 1 REVOLVING Dispenser. Environmentally friendly coreless stretch wrap.

· Excellent stretch, cling and tear resistance

· High film clarity

· Lighter weight is easier to handle

· Applied using reusable REVOLVING applicators

· 100% recyclable

· Can be processed through standard industrial recycling facilities

· Made in the USA

· Faster and more economical than tape, strapping or twine. · Stretch Wrap clings to itself. No tape needed. · Stretch Wrap will not leave a residue on products.

Use Burke Tools Stretch Wrap STR200 with our REVOLVER handle and you will never use another stretch wrap!

Excellent for bundling packages, handling long or awkward objects like building materials, flooring materials, rugs, carpets.

Excellent for moving. Not all of your belongings require bubble wrap or packing peanuts before moving or going into storage -- they may not be made of glass or easily snapped in half, but you still want to protect them from dirt and damage during your move.

Made of a smooth stretch plastic, this amazing covering material protects everything and anything against dust, dirt, scratches, and your sweat and tears from moving. Great for sofas, tables, dressers, and anything else you can imagine.

Narrow Width Stretch Wrap bundles small light-weight products for shipment.

Great for businesses or home. BEST price anywhere.

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